The right one, the right time

I am believing,

not wishing.

I am hoping and not desperate.

Reposted from march 29, 2016 . 1am.
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Still no where to find.

I am starting a crop here,, for what aims or visions? I am still no where to up to.
For what led me here ? My envisions, endeavors, the side of me that seriously right now, no where to find. I know I’ve lost a lot of me (of who I am before ) the day I decided to pursue the present crop I’m having in front of me way back. No regrets. Years had been passing , and a voice inside me still wanting of something. Something that still no where to be find.
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The 7th Year

Hear her. She is wondering …

This imminent december of 2017 is the exact seventh year from that πŸŽ„season when her, Lit and her boyfriend, Brayan took off their communication, and her, waiting and aspiring that “who knows, he will haunt for her, where she will finally meet Tita, his Mum, where he will introduce her as his girlfriend” but never happened. Seven is God’s number. They were given their second chance that she never thought of. Now, is the seventh year … her and her boyfriend were reconciled and is also under the history’s repeating power; with no communication at all. Tita, his Mum, do not like her for his son … God is the “I AM POSSIBLE”, now, them on the seventh year, here wondering, what does God have for them in His book? Will it be a “turnaround”, oppositely on how it was with their history?

The emotion is inexplicably making me smile~



Hear me, Oh Lord. πŸ™πŸ™Œ



Just as before the πŸŒ†day closes it’s date for another πŸŒ„.


Why do I love Coffee?


It is not me~


Who accompanies thee earliest in your mornings

Who wakes thee up with your somnolents

Who could be your hot and your raws.


Who is a grab away in every-JUAN’s stores

Who kills the sleepiness inside thee when you have to do sort of reviews,

Who somehow clearers some views.


Who picks you from the floor when you are drunk

Who cheers up two individuals to start another bunk,

Who eases minds when full of chunk.


Who warms your body when your feeling cold:

Who lightens up during thee weary notes.

Who stays with you even when your are too bold.


Who is always available with your BPO industries

Who can go with thee to sit down under the trees

Nor, who can be whatever you love to when nothing to tease–


I ❀ Cofee for I can be what Ican’t,


#MKCoffeeCo #BrewedCoffee #KAPE #ComingSoon

Marry for

Don’t Marry Because of SEX,
Don’t Marry because you are getting OLD,
Don’t Marry because you are of AGE,
Don’t Marry because your LONELY
Don’t Marry because you Need someone to Support
Don’t Marry because you Mistakenly Got
Don’t Marry because you don’t want to LOSE the
Don’t Marry because of Family PRESSURES
Don’t Marry because you Like the IDEA Of
Don’t Marry because of PITY or Out of PITY
Don’t Marry because of TRIBE
Don’t Marry because you Admire all the WEDDING
GOWNS you See
Don’t Marry because you Love KIDS,
Don’t Marry because all your Friends are getting
Don’t Marry because of Physical/Academic


Marry Because you are READY for it
Marry Because of Love
Marry Because you want to Fulfill your PURPOSE
Marry because you want to be a Good HELP




From the page of Anne Curtis Smith~



Lamentation#48: Gladness

I love thee.

The summit, the breeze,

The air, the season,

It makes me fall in love again,

For the endless counts, made me fall.


I love thee,

The moment I speak

I knoe I speak for glee.

Here I am again loving you thee,

Embrace me, your radiance, let it be me.


I love thee to the moon and back.

The hype that is as fast as a 20 km/sec truck.

I will run the world for thee

The miles? I will blow it free

For I know I am loving again.


Be in ❀

Lamentation #47: Open for Joy

Gods msg: smile

This is a prayer from One Minute Prayers to Start YOUR Day.

It has always been a hobby for her to drop off with any book sections wherever she goes~ Is she just sitting in there to read? Yes! And Read? No. Then, what does she mean?

She have met this, whom she’ll disguise in a thought of, as one of the very significant person in her Life~and taught her this;

If you’re feeling doom, weary, uncertain, or even happy, glad, excited … you can drop off to see me– πŸ“”πŸ“•πŸ“–πŸ“—πŸ“˜πŸ“™πŸ“šπŸ““πŸ“’πŸ“ƒ

It was a shelves of diffrent cards, containing different messages …

Right before they have reached the stand, he covered her πŸ‘€ and redirected a way. She do not have any idea where will her mini steps can bring her. But she trusted. He let her walk straight and commanded her to stop when she already feel like so and face right, she took small steps again and from it she stopped. Instructed her to grab anything that she can grab infont of her and hold it for a while until he opens her πŸ‘€. She obeyed, with trust, even she do not have any clue of what she might touched. As he opened her eyes, it was so blurry πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‚, as her sight gets clearer, she saw a shelves of cards. “Whatever content the card gave you, consider it as a message for you”~end.

And boom πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨ the rest were History.

She shared this because, you might wanna give a try for yourself 😊.

And so, as she flipped the pages of whatever book she equipped herself today, here’s what it told her~

Create in me a pure ❀, O God, and renew steadfast spirit within me. . .Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

Psalm 5:10,12

Let today be a clean slate that welcomes the hope and joy ahead, Lord. I no longer want to wake up to thoughts of many losses, mistakes, or “should’ve” scenarios. As soon as I begin that tally, the day’s potential joy is already lost.

Restore to me the joy of my salvation when I felt the impact of a clean spirit. I was buoyed by the release of my burdens to Your care. I not only accepted joy but watched for it to be a part of my experience. Time and circumstances have jaded that view. Remind me of the contentment of faith.

24th of october, 2017 (1619H)

so Just~

And I was Born for You

Too many billion people

Running around the planet

Yet, it was you that I met,

For the second turn, we bet.


What is the chance in heaven

That you’d find your way to me?

Filling my wonted days with enormous glee

Living ourlives carrying “we”.


Tell me what is the sweet sensation?

It’s a miracle that happend

Our once parted ways bend

To be in same direction we one’s more intend!


Though I searched for an explanation

Only one thing it could be–

That there was really a “you and me”

In a dance we glance to be.


That I was born for you

It was written in the stars

A hard bound book even before the existence of mars,

Sweet and bitter, we both love it, the spice we wanted in our chocolate bars.


Yes, I was born for you

And the choice was never ours,

Remeber it, the knotted vows

The time you took ahead into our promising journey to be each other’s spouse.


It’s as if the powers of the universe

Conspired to make you mine,

The fantasy I am living with my remaining time

Day dreaming that keeps me shine.


And till the day I die,

I bless the day that I was born for you.

Still, I am thankful that I found you,

So near in my soul, amidst with all the fading cue.


Too many foolish people

Trying to come between us

A wandrous act you cast

Acting one of those irradic blast.


None of them seem to matter

When I look into your eyes

The magic of our teethened mice

Melting solid worries as thru heating a froozen ice.


Now I know why I belong here

In your arms I found the answer

The warmth I’ve been longing year and year

A memory that can never take away, even a Grim Reaper.


Somehow nothing would seem so wrong here

If they’d only realize

If you will only realize

We are more than just in a game of a hidding mice.


As lately as just last night

She was humming in delight

The sentimental sound goes with these lines

With her ukulele that was chaining her rhymes.


She never played her strands, placked her music and sings OPM,

But with you, She unexpectedly conquered them

The only moment she heard herself that loud,

Singing in the middle of the sleeping croud.


And I was born for you~

It was written in the stars-β˜†


And in this randon 🌏

This was clearly meant to be

What we have the 🌏 could never understand

Or ever take away.





Araw ko na!


A Happy, Happy Birthday to Herself. This is it, pansit !! 🎡It’s πŸ™Œ birthday, it’s πŸ™Œ birthday, ow, ow, it’s πŸ™Œ-berthdei.🎡 Wohoo🎸! Shing! Shing!

And so it is. After this day on–A START OF SMTHG. NEW.



Panaghoy 51: BakitDi?



Siya’y muli kang nakikita

Nakalipas ay nagugunita

Dating damdami’y nadarama

Pakiramda’ng may pangamba.



Tanong sa sarili.

“Bakit, Di?”

“Siya’y iyo’ng itinanggi?”


Hindi mo nasabi

Ang balik mo’y may ganti

Sakit na ‘di nabanggit

Ngayo’y iniiwang may guhit na pagka sakit.


Pagmasdan mong mabuti

Anak ninyo’y lumalaki

Hanap-hanap mga kulang sakanyang tabi

Nagtatanung-tanong, “Bakit sila with Family“?


Agam-agam na hindi pa niya lubusang mawari

Pagtatanung ng pa-simple, kunwari

Hanap ay sagot sa mga nangyayari

Mula sa nakikita ng mga matang hindi na maikukubli.


Nawa’y nakikita mo siya,

Lumalaking napakaganda,

Nawa’y iyong nasusubaybayan

Pag yabong ng inyong munting dalagita.


Sa mga kaganapang pampaaralan

Kanya’y naibubulalas;

“Nawa’y naririto ka,

Nang mapag masdan mo angking talentong taglay ng ating anak”.


Mula sa malayo inyo’y maaninag

Ngiting abot tainga sa kanyan’y makikita

Asam-asam mula sa kinang ng kanyang mga mata, mamamasdan,

Lahat ay anong rikit lalo na at kung ito’y iyong nahahagkan.



Malayong pagmumunimuni–

Stitch and Blue

Stitch and Blue

Her phone’s theme and hue.

Stitch and Blue

Who are you?


She favored her cousin

To buy her a tempered and a casing.

Turning her motif into a cute disguising

Aiding herself a sort of another beginning.


Stitch and Blue,

What are you?

Give her a clue,

On what those meanings are up to?


Thought her cousin’s preferences are on due.

What happened to you?

The kikay is what she’s after,

And it’s stitch in blue was what her cousin gather.


Blue was her color but not the dark shades

Lilo is better than this kuwala, she kids …

Stitch is not a tarsier though, from the corner her brother shouted,

Well, was not informed, she battled.


Stich in blue,

It’s all in you.

Rub it Bru,

Embrace all new.


Change is the only constant,

Learn to love it that instant.

Opposites were the often answers from the expected triumphs

Adopt, angulf–it’s in your palm, make it fall into it’s positive sums.






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