Still no where to find.

I am starting a crop here,, for what aims or visions?  I am still no where to up to.
For what led me here ? My envisions, endeavors, the side of me that seriously right now, no where to find. I know  I’ve lost a lot of me  (of who I am before ) the day I decided to pursue the present crop I’m  having in front of me way back. No regrets. Years had been passing , and a voice inside me still wanting of something. Something that still no where to be find.

Lamentation #20

Mature relationships dwell on trust. Mature couples still give privacy to their partner. They understand that they have a life outside the relationship. They don’t demand to their partners about personal information such as access to their social media sites.
🙌 Agree?-


Cause I do~

Lamentation #19

👧💭Madalas unpredictable ka talaga. You made me fall in love all over again with your most unpredictable ways. 


Medyo na a-adaopt ko na mga different ways mo baby. Para lang akong baliw, napapangiti na lang ako.~

Lamentation #18

“​She’s the type of girl that ruins people in the best way and you’ve become just another victim.”

Don’t know where to label onself

Thinking odds that had passed …

Once upon a time 

There’s a girl at its rhyme

Innocent and a chime


She don’t want to share even a single sign~